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Premium cycling kits seamlessly infusing fashion sensibility,
exceptional performance and the finest European craftsmanship

Reveal who you are with high performance cycling kit

Our cycling jerseys and bibs are technically engineered at European race level for the Pros. Designed in Australia and meticulously handcrafted in Europe from the highest quality materials – ethically sourced, sustainably manufactured to an exceptional performance level that would please the most fastidious cycling aficionados.

Our passion is to deliver outstanding road cycling experience to you.

Cycling kit by Cycling Couture

Cycling Couture Kit Collection

All our cycling kits are engineered for 7+ hour ride, packed with premium materials, WOW features that are unavailable to other brands. This is the result of a close collaboration with our world class fabric and chamois specialists who have been the trusted suppliers for some of the largest tours in the world.

Extreme comfort + high quality + performance come in standard with Cycling Couture.