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    Jersey Fact Sheet

    Jersey Fact Sheet

    Cycling Couture’s ongoing commitment is to perfect each element within the Luxury Performance Equation, without compromise – Born to Excel

    Every product is designed in Australia and proudly handmade in Europe, with materials ethically sourced from Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

    Jersey: Fit, comfort and style

    We have chosen fabrics to confer aerodynamic advantages, anatomic cut, whilst ensuring above all else, a comfortable fit. Highly flexible fabrics are used to allow for extreme freedom of movement with a feather light touch, whilst maximising wicking ability. Impactful detailing complete the look.

    Our collections also include a Women’s specific cut, with the Men’s range being tailored as unisex.

    Our Jersey range is centred around two jersey patterns with different design philosophy’s.

    Black Panther mens Cycling kit - Cycling Couture


    Anatomical 3D cut – Race Ready

    Four needle flatlock stitching

    8 Multi panels strategically placed for contoured shaping

    5 Multi fabric construction to best release the fabric properties to function

    Extended sleeves combined with the use of new MITI High Speed Light fabric, ensures an aero advantage whilst keeping the shoulder panel tightly in place and crease free.

    Anti-sagging rear pockets with a reflective pocket zip for valuable item storage

    Reflectors for visibility

    Superior wicking and anti-bacteria treated fabrics

    Distinguished Silky soft fabrics

    German Cam lock zip

    Premium Italian fabrics

    SPF 50+

    Handmade in Italy

    Breton Stripes mens Cycling kit - Cycling Couture


    Race cut

    Laser cut sleeves with seamless grippers

    3 high performance fabric selections ensure a cool, breathable and quick drying nature

    Distinct silky soft fabric for maximum comfort and a contoured fit

    Three large rear pockets for storage.

    Inner pocket clip for keeping keys safe

    Reinforced headphone hole

    High wicking and anti-bacteria treated fabrics

    Reinforced headphone hole

    SPF 50+

    Premium Italian fabrics

    Handmade in Europe

    Happy Cycling