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    Cycling Couture’s Loyalty Program

    1 Point = AUD 1.00

    Simple as that !!!!

    How does the Loyalty Program Work?

    When you place an order with us you will receive a discount that can be applied to future orders. The discount is based on how many points you have earned.

    How to Redeem your Points:

    Points can be redeemed during checkout. Points are redeemed at the value of 1 Point = AUD 1. For example if 35 points are redeemed on  an Australian based order, then an AUD35  redemption discount will be applied to your order.

    Similarly if your order is in EURO, GBP or NZD, then 1 Point = AUD 1, which will be converted into your order’s currency. For example if 35 points are redeemed on an EURO based order, then approximately a EUR22 (or AUD35) redemption discount will be applied to your order.

    Points for orders who’s base currency is not EURO, GBP or NZD, will be applied in AUD and at the Base Australian rate of 1 Point = AUD1.00.

    How to Earn Points?

    Points are earned in a ratio of 1 Point to AUD10 based on your Final Cart Value. For example, with an Australian based order, each 10 AUD = 1 Point.

    Similarly if the order’s currency is in EURO, GBP or NZD then Points will be earned at the approximate exchange rate used at the time. For example 1 Point = EUR 6.20 = AUD 10.

    For international orders whose base currency is not in AUD, EURO, GBP or NZD, then the Points will be applied into AUD at the Base Australian rate of 1 Point = AUD10.

    Some things to Note

    Points are earned or redeemed in the cart or check out pages, and whilst placing an order. (See the Note at the Top of Page that comes up automatically if you have valid points)

    You can only see you Points if you are logged in to your account.

    You will accumulate points based on orders you complete with us on the website store.

    Points Expire after 180 days, so use them before then. Don’t worry as we’ll try drop you a reminder email 3-4 days before your points are due to expire.

    You can use all your points of just some of them when you place an order.

    Happy Cycling